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American Heroines

Season 1

Tune in for historical fairytales to soothe your sweet little one to sweet dreams filled with the most darling stories of daring, brave, and strong historical figures! 

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Praise for Once Upon a History

"Once Upon A History is the perfect addition to any classroom!


Told by passionate historians and supported by impeccable research, these wonderful and interactive stories shine, leaving your students wanting more.


Use these engaging stories to support listening comprehension, biographical research and supplement units on women who make history!"


Emily Jeter, M. Ed

Classroom Grades 1,2;

Special Education TK-8

A Pithy Chronicle

Once Upon a History was developed to engage, entertain, and educate children. Historical figures are introduced through captivating stories that highlight life lessons. Each episode highlights constructive character traits such as courage, devotion, and honesty. Challenging vocabulary words are sprinkled throughout, instilled through repetition.
Endorsed by teachers, each story is intended to spark conversation through the introduction of references such as Greek myths or fabled constellations. Though each episode focuses on one subject, the series introduces important historical events.
This season, Once Upon a History celebrates women. All of the heroines are presented with respect and sensitivity. While the narrations are fictional, the amazing deeds of these miraculous women are entirely true, and each episode promotes equality and humanity.
Once Upon a History is crafted to engage the senses. Powerful music and compelling sound effects pull the listener into the story. The scores of each episode feature celebrated classical pieces as well as modern compositions, all of which flow together to center the subject in their historical time period.
An auditory adventure, Once Upon a History engages children in a new way. According to research by Northwestern University, “Well-told stories can draw kids in and build attention skills and working memory… There’s a tremendous amount of didactic information in audio format.”
Perfect for the classroom or a car ride, Once Upon a History will captivate and educate your little heroes and heroines. You might just learn something, too!

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