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Meet the Chroniclers


Erika and Caroline met in Japan while throwing fabulous parties. They discovered a mutual love of history after a prolific trivia night and the rest is history! An ocean may separate them now, but nothing can stop two southern ladies on a mission to share their academic interest with all the sass and pearl clutching possible.

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Erika is an opera-singing “has been” beauty queen-manager-mom-military spouse just dying to add another hyphen to her title: History Podcaster. Hailing from the rural south helped develop her curiosity and thirst for stories that took place in faraway kingdoms and exotic locales. She strives to pursue truth and representation in her research as well as her bookcases and playlists. She is intrigued by family dynamics in early royal families, the political power of the arts, and researching her dubious Scottish heritage. When she is washing dishes or riding the train she can be found listening to anything from Gregorian chants to Lizzo. 


While she would like to pretend to be a professional genealogist, she is actually a classically trained musician and art manager; finishing her masters at the outbreak of the pandemic.  Currently based in Japan, she has lived, worked, and studied in South Carolina, Greece, Washington D.C. and Russia.

University of South Carolina '15 BA Music | American University '20 MA Arts Management



Caroline is a history junkie. What started as a passion for the Tudor Queens (Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived) quickly exploded into a very large non-fiction book collection. With degrees in Opera Performance and Art History, she successfully leveraged her talents into excuses to visit and live all over the world, collecting facts and fables as she went. Unable - or perhaps unwilling - to focus on just one thing, her career has spanned many fields, and with each new road, she has found joy in spreading her historical trivia. 

A military spouse and mom of two precocious toddlers, Caroline runs daily as a way to clear her mind and find that elusive “me time.” Her favorite playlist: history podcasts! But as the Covid confinement continued, she found herself wanting more. And that is when she decided to start The Pithy Chronicle. She believed there must be other strange creatures out there who enjoy slightly sarcastic tellings of historical happenings. And look! Here you are!

DePauw '11 BM Music BA Art History Summa Cum Laude

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