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Henry VIII Medical Mysteries

Title: What the HELL Happened?

Era: Tudor Period, duh!

Dates: 1491 - 1547

Summary: What the HELL happened? How did England's "Perfect Prince" descend into an odiferous and odious ogre? Let's investigate...

First up: Syphilis... such a fun word to say! Followed by Cushing's Syndrome, Kell Immunogenicity, Gout, Type II Diabetes, Myxedema, Narcissistic Behavior Disorder, Head Trauma, and Genetic Madness.

Buckle Up, Folks! We talk through each of these medical maladies to see which, if any, could explain Henry's debated mental decline and paranoia and/or his infertility (or difficulty conceiving healthy children).

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Henry VIII by Holbein the Younger

Possible sketch of Anne Boleyn by Holbein the Younger

Various renderings of Henry through the Years

Queen Mary I (formerly Princess, then Lady, then Princess Mary Tudor)


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